One Hour Work Done So Are you Ready to hire a VA?


Sometimes you pay a lot of money for an Administrative Assistant , that works for you 8 hours a day to accomplish few task that you can have done in one hour. In my long  experience working for different companies (10 years ) I learned to distributed my time very well and always with success  finish my task on time, quickly and complete . My passion and dedication make me be a multitask and fast reliable administrative manager that can help you save money. This small list is just a example that How in just one hour I can do many task  that you will be happy with the result:

1. Create an email marketing campaign.

2. Update website content.

3. Create a PowerPoint Presentation.

4. Book flight, tour, hotel, and car rental reservations.

5. Build a custom spreadsheet.

6. Type 4 pages of handwritten text.

7. Edit and proof read a 5 page report.

8. Data entry at a minimum of 50 contacts in an excel  spreadsheet or data base.

9. update and post multiple social network accounts.

10. Update and manage your calendar, events and itinerary.

11. Build an email distribution list.

12. Email management.

13. Design print ready company letterhead and business cards.

14. Send a newsletter.

15. Research a specific project.

16. Convert documents into different formats.

17. scanning, editing, re-size documents.

Are you ready to simplify your life , lowering costs and time in your business? Do you need a friendly , trustfully and  multitask person ? Send me an email and let talk about cost, and work done!!!

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