Tips to Create Of Professional Email Signature That You Must Know

A good email signature is simple, informative, professional, and puts the information at the forefront. But, this doesn’t mean your signature has to look dull or boring. There are many ways to get the most out of your email signature design. A signature is the perfect opportunity to brand every message you send. It establishes and reinforces who you are as a company.

There are many ways to get the most out of your email signature design, so let’s run over few easy tips and look at some beautiful examples.

01. Include the most important information: Depending on what your email recipients might need to know, this could include information like your name, job title, phone number, or business address. By including only the most important pieces of information for the brand – the logo, email author’s name, job title, phone number , social media, website—this design is not only kept short and simple, but also very easily navigable.

Include your social media links

02. Branding: A signature is a perfect opportunity to brand every message you send. It establishes and reinforces who you are as a company. You can brand your signature through your logo, color scheme, and font elements. If you have any banners or other text in your signature, make sure it matches your brand voice.

Visual elements of branding. (Source: Rebrandly)

03. Keep Your font and color palette small:

A common reason for people using too many fonts and color is that they feel the need to highlight certain titles and pieces of information, for this it is better to use simple typeface that has a few weight and style options and just mix up your type size, weight and/or colors when needed instead of using different sizes and colors. Note that you must to play with the colors of your logo and get an armory between your signature and your branding colors.

Use your logo colors and fonts

04. Use a signature generator : Too much rules to follow , and sometime we are not expert in the matter so I recommend you to use a tool and create email signature with a generator, these are some of the best.

Today I Will recommend you Hubspot. It is best known as a CRM and suite of marketing tools. It also offers a free email signature generator.

Select from six different templates, fill out your information, and select your brand colors. If you have a custom image, like a logo, you can add that to your Hubspot signature, too. Hubspot branding is added by default but can be removed.

You can copy the signature or its source code to add to your email software.

Creating a professional email signature is easy. It really is. You don’t require additional resources or time to create it. However, the benefits you get for using an email signature are so huge that we are surprised why many businesses still don’t have a professional email signature. So, if you are among those businesses and want your brand to recognize, then go ahead and create it now!

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Trello: A Fabulous Free Project Management Tool for You

Feeling time poor and overwhelmed? We know that feeling, its part and parcel of running a small business – but Trello can most certainly help with this. The problem is, where to start?  We will walk you through Trello, how best to use it to your advantage, showing you all about We’ve learned while using it to create a successful projects.

What’s Trello?

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. Simple (and fun) to use, Trello tracks what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and what the status is of each and every task in your given project. Think of Trello as a whiteboard filled with rows of 80s neon sticky notes with each note as a task for you and your team only with a heck of a lot more functionality and adaptability. You can take this whiteboard with you on your mobile or tablet, and can access it from any computer via the web. Sharing a Trello board with other Trello users is easy and you can see real time updates from team members, and mention other users to notify them.

Easily organise work across all of your boards

Trello is great for companies or individuals who have a number of tasks running at once and who need to be able to track their progress. It puts the onus of completing tasks on the user and helps reduce the chance of “forgotten” assignments. One of the reasons so many companies have chosen to use it over other project management tools is the fact that it is streamlined in comparison to other software.

Part of the reason Trello has caught on so quickly is that it can also be used for pretty much any type of project. Whether you need to create a personal to-do list, manage tasks for an upcoming wedding, or run an editorial calendar, Trello is simple enough for day-to-day use as well.


  • ​Trello is free by default
  • For extra features, upgrade to a Trello pricing plan for a monthly cost

How to get started

  • ​Sign up for an account at the Trello website
  • Create a board or ask a board owner to send you an invitation to join theirs
  • Search ‘Trello’ on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to download the mobile app
  • Use the Trello help centre.
  • Check samples: This sample Trello board for project management uses the simple tips and tricks we outlined for you
Trello for Nonprofits
A board looks like this

What you can do with Trello

Create and Organize To-Do List 

One of the best ways to stay organized is with a to-do list. A simple “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” workflow will transform how much you accomplish each and every day and week. 

Based on Kanban principles, Trello has three major lists: To-Do, Doing, Done.

To-Do: on this list, we place all tasks we need to complete. The cards are arranged in order of priority — the most important are at the top, the least — at the bottom.

Doing: this list shows what tasks are currently in work. In this part of the board, cards can be sorted by the date they were created or alphabetically.

Done: when a task is completed, it is placed in this list. You always can return a card to the other list by pulling it to the left or the right side.

Split your work into very specific lists so nothing falls through the cracks and use the reference list to keep important information on hand. You can either manage your To-Do-List from your mobile.

Project Management

With Trello, you can keep projects organized from start to finish, track progress, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Whether it’s a simple to-do list or a complex workflow, Trello is customizable to the demands of any project. 

Trello is a streamlined project management solution that leans heavily into its collaboration setup. While this tool’s features are simple by nature, this platform offers many useful features that’ll make your life as a project manager or team member much easier. These are the top five features offered by Trello.

Trello is a great way for your company to organize projects while accommodating team members with different schedules and locations. Furthermore, it is a great way for any staff person or freelancer to organize their own tasks and ensure they stay on top of intermediary steps and deadlines. With Trello, information won’t get lost, you can store all files relevant to your project, and you can communicate effectively with your team. And, it’s free!

Get control of your business by trying Trello. The best part is that you can use Trello for things other than project management. It’s free, fun and highly customizable, so please do check it out.

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What Our virtual assistant can perform for you?

When you get help from experts like My Costa Rica Virtual Assistant for the virtual assistant for your business then you can enjoy a wide range of services. First of all, We will be your personal assistant to help you with several things regarding your business. Not only can that but if you want to get help with accounting then your virtual assistant helps you with it. Digital marketing has become very important nowadays to ensure that you get more customers. Our virtual assistant can help in optimizing the content and help you with marketing. It also a quick and efficient response for customer services to retain their trust.

Our Virtual Assistant can perform the following tasks:

Personal Assistance:

We constantly find ourselves in a dilemma over adhering to our schedules and not having enough time to complete them, no matter what they might be. Instead of stressing over this, a virtual assistant is a good alternative. They will answer your calls and emails, oversee and edit your documents, give you reminders of important events accordingly and so much more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistance:

Not all of us are equipped with great math skills and need a little nudge of assistance from someone else, don’t we? With the help of a virtual assistant, not only will you have an organized ledger, but might also end up clearing off your debts in no time.

Business Support:

It isn’t easy to tend to your business whilst handling the myriad aspects that come with it. Hence, it is great to hire a virtual assistant to take the load off, so that you can use the available free time, productively to make better business decisions.

Digital Marketing:

Be it enhancing your lead to the next level to optimizing content creation, virtual assistants know it all. They will make a significant addition to your marketing strategies and scale them higher.

Graphic Designing:

If you are ever looking to convey the right message through the right design ethics and a service that could do it at a fraction of the market price. Then, a virtual assistant is undoubtedly made for you. Once the vision of your brand has been established, the virtual assistant will then use that to customize the design to uplift your brand by using the necessary tools from their arsenal to make it as enchanting to your potential viewers as possible.

IT and Website services:

Constructing an impactful domain is key to garner potential clients today. Hence, hiring an economic expert service which a virtual assistant can provide is your best bet at achieving this goal.

Content Writing:

Copywriting takes a particular set of skills that only a few possess. Since a virtual assistant has profound knowledge on using the right vocabulary, editing blogs and articles if and when necessary, they make a great partner in enhancing the way you present yourself or your business through the written word.


If you ever have a hard time choosing to hire the right candidate or have no experience in doing so, then appointing a virtual assistant would be far more effective. Since, they will have the ability to deduce a candidate’s suitability, through their experience in the field of recruiting in its entirety, you will be assured an employable and intelligent workforce.

Customer Support:

If there is one thing that needs immediate attention, professionally, it’s providing reliable customer care. A virtual assistant here ensures 24*7 customer support and will hence be able enough to handle high-pressure tasks such as this.

Real estate virtual assistant:

Real estate virtual assistant is a remote worker who can complete a wide variety of real estate tasks, such as preparing & filing paperwork, responding to email inquiries, setting up meetings, etc.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person contracted to provide clerical and project management support to a company’s marketing department or manager from a remote location.

E-commerce virtual assistant

E-commerce Virtual Assistants provide data security required for the easy running of an E-Commerce Businesses and also act as dedicated project manager for an E-commerce Business, dealing with things like Customer Support Outsourcing, Admin, Writing, Web, Reception, Bookkeeping, etc.

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My ultimate Admin list of Virtual Assistance Service

Admin tasks are some of the most sought after services. Helping business owners with these everyday to-do’s allow them to free up their time and make more money. Very valuable!

Admin/ Management

  1. Customer service through email or  chat
  2. Monitoring and responding to emails
  3. Organizing email inboxes
  4. Managing blog comments
  5. Managing social media comments
  6. Calendar maintenance
  7. Data entry
  8. Creating PowerPoint presentations
  9. Appointment setting
  10. Order fulfillment
  11. Ordering supplies
  12. Ordering, packaging, and sending gifts to clients
  13. Sending Thank You’s
  14. Writing job listings
  15. Arranging interviews
  16. Re-purposing content (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)
  17. Taking meeting minutes
  18. Managing blog editorial calendars
  19. Client onboarding tasks like responding to emails and sending invoices and contracts
  20. Following up with leads/clients
  21. Guest post-screening
  22. Making travel arrangements
  23. Form preparation
  24. Packaging and shipping products and gifts
  25. Creating resumes
  26. Monitoring YouTube content
  27. Uploading YouTube videos
  28. Managing online communities
  29. Assisting with teleseminars
  30. Updating house or land listings for realtors
  31. Helping launch ebooks or programs
  32. Optimizing blog posts with images, linking to other blog posts, and adding CTAs (Call to Actions)
  33. Project management
  34. Event planning and management
  35. Giveaway management
  36. Organizing cloud files
  37. Organizing G-Drive files
  38. Hiring and training new team members
  39. Personal shopping
  40. Translation
  41. Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products, etc.
  42. Business strategy

Gone are the days when virtual assistants used to be only assistants working at remote locations. Now, they are skilled professionals and complete a wide range of tasks. Be it social media management, Internet research, or eCommerce data entry, your virtual assistant can reduce your workload significantly.

Hire a virtual assistant and run your business. Instead, your business runs you. Contact us to set a meeting

Looking for a reliable expert to handle your work? Look no further!

You will get the best work with that We can deliver with every project. We do not deliver anything below a fully developed and accurate document. Our Motivation is to make our Client Happy with 100% satisfaction and confidentiality. If you are looking for Data entryData ScrapingVirtual Assistant / Web ResearchPresentation work. We are the Right team for you. Available 24-7. A trusted Freelancers.

 We can handle any project related to the following areas: –
Image result for assistant

  • DATA ENTRY/Editing – Word,Excel documents, 
  • Power Point,
  • Online forms
  • DATA EXTRACTION – from PDF’s, websites, scanned Documents(automated or manual)
  • RESEARCH – different types of researches on various topics or simple research for contacts or missing data points.
  • Email Handling – MAILING LISTS CREATION based on clients requirement
  • Products adding on Stores like Amazon, Etsy, ebay etc
  •  Pages of Typing
  • Keyword Research
  • Copy & Paste work
  • Basic Pictures Editing Services
  • Product Descriptions and Reviews
  • Ads Posting job

If you need services other than mentioned above, you can inbox me anytime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

One Hour Work Done So Are you Ready to hire a VA?


Sometimes you pay a lot of money for an Administrative Assistant , that works for you 8 hours a day to accomplish few task that you can have done in one hour. In my long  experience working for different companies (10 years ) I learned to distributed my time very well and always with success  finish my task on time, quickly and complete . My passion and dedication make me be a multitask and fast reliable administrative manager that can help you save money. This small list is just a example that How in just one hour I can do many task  that you will be happy with the result:

1. Create an email marketing campaign.

2. Update website content.

3. Create a PowerPoint Presentation.

4. Book flight, tour, hotel, and car rental reservations.

5. Build a custom spreadsheet.

6. Type 4 pages of handwritten text.

7. Edit and proof read a 5 page report.

8. Data entry at a minimum of 50 contacts in an excel  spreadsheet or data base.

9. update and post multiple social network accounts.

10. Update and manage your calendar, events and itinerary.

11. Build an email distribution list.

12. Email management.

13. Design print ready company letterhead and business cards.

14. Send a newsletter.

15. Research a specific project.

16. Convert documents into different formats.

17. scanning, editing, re-size documents.

Are you ready to simplify your life , lowering costs and time in your business? Do you need a friendly , trustfully and  multitask person ? Send me an email and let talk about cost, and work done!!!

Contact me :

How a Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Money

How a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money

Top Time-Wasting Activities
1. Surfing Internet (personal use) 44.7%
2. Socializing with co-workers 23.4%
3. Conducting personal business 6.8%
4. Spacing out 3.9%
5. Running errands off-premises 3.1%
6. Making personal phone calls 2.3%
7. Applying for other jobs 1.3%
8. Planning personal events 1.0%
9. Arriving late/Leaving early 1.0%
10. Other activities 12.5%

Top Time-Wasting Excuses
1. Don’t have enough work to do 33.2%
2. Underpaid for amount of work 23.4%
3. Co-workers distract me 14.7%
4. Not enough after-work time 12.0%
5. Other excuses 16.7%

The average employer assumes that an employee wastes 0.94 hours per 8 hour day. The average
employee admits to wasting an average of 2.09 hours per 8 hour day. That’s a difference of 1.15
hours per day per employee! If your employee’s average salary is $39,795.00/year (the average
yearly American salary) and the worker is actually wasting 1.15 hours per day more than the
employer estimates, you’re talking about a difference of 299 hours per year. That is equivalent to
$5,720.00 per year for one employee to be unproductive at the office.
Now, let’s look at the ways a Virtual Assistant can supply you with the support you need while
saving you money and time, and reducing stress. While a Virtual Assistant may charge more on an
hourly basis ($25.00 to $75.00 hour depending on their skill set and specialty services), you won’t
be paying for a full-time employee at that rate. You only pay for the hours your Virtual Assistant
worked on projects for you and your company.
Put an end to paying for employee goof-off time. Pay only for the amount of time you need. Many
Virtual Assistants also offer packaged rates that include discounts for pre-purchasing set numbers
of hours and weekly, monthly or quarterly plans. Many also offer discounts for new and returning
customers. This will also assist you in preparing your monthly budget.
Because Virtual Assistants own their own hardware and software, and pay their own taxes and
benefits, they are experts at stretching a dollar. They are experts in their respective fields, don’t
require training and aren’t going to bring their personal issues into your office. If your Virtual
Assistant is unable to perform a certain tasks, he/she has plenty of resources in which to find
someone who can.Virtual Assistants work together and help one another to get things done.

Because Virtual Assistants use their own equipment in their own offices, you save wear and tear on
your machines and space. There’s no need for special hardware, software or other
accommodations. No more paying for  employee benefits, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, or taxes.

Resource: The permanent Record

Your Virtual Assistant, Your Friend in Business

I understand the need to increase the productivity of your life while freeing up your day. If your going to have a virtual assistant, then make sure it’s a dedicated, multi-task and ambitious administrative professional. I am trustworthy 100% and complete confidentiality is assured. I can help you manage any administrative tasks or do whatever is necessary to help you out with your business.

I want to be more than you VA, I want to be your friend in business to solve daily task with lower price.

Why to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce your Expenses
  • Free up you valuable time
  • Save MONEY
  • Increase your income
  • Employees cost more than their salary
  • Employees don’t really work eight hours a day: Hire some one per hour and get your work done!
  • Reduce or eliminated your office expenses.

Why Hire me?

“What really has to happen for employees to be empowered is they need to be involved, given responsibility, and pushed to grow in their job”

Well in a professional attitude I have found the relationship in between an employee and company is give and take relationship; both are interrelated with each other therefore every company would be running smoothly through this attitude. The relationship between an employer and employer decides the profit and loss statement of the company. My main priority is to build a relationship where your needs are my needs .  like to grow with the company and feel that I am have been part of something important. My dedication, loyalty , trustworthy and professionalist will  highly support you and and your administrative needs.

Let me help you  for all of your outsourcing needs, let me be your friend in business.