What Our virtual assistant can perform for you?

When you get help from experts like My Costa Rica Virtual Assistant for the virtual assistant for your business then you can enjoy a wide range of services. First of all, We will be your personal assistant to help you with several things regarding your business. Not only can that but if you want to get help with accounting then your virtual assistant helps you with it. Digital marketing has become very important nowadays to ensure that you get more customers. Our virtual assistant can help in optimizing the content and help you with marketing. It also a quick and efficient response for customer services to retain their trust.

Our Virtual Assistant can perform the following tasks:

Personal Assistance:

We constantly find ourselves in a dilemma over adhering to our schedules and not having enough time to complete them, no matter what they might be. Instead of stressing over this, a virtual assistant is a good alternative. They will answer your calls and emails, oversee and edit your documents, give you reminders of important events accordingly and so much more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistance:

Not all of us are equipped with great math skills and need a little nudge of assistance from someone else, don’t we? With the help of a virtual assistant, not only will you have an organized ledger, but might also end up clearing off your debts in no time.

Business Support:

It isn’t easy to tend to your business whilst handling the myriad aspects that come with it. Hence, it is great to hire a virtual assistant to take the load off, so that you can use the available free time, productively to make better business decisions.

Digital Marketing:

Be it enhancing your lead to the next level to optimizing content creation, virtual assistants know it all. They will make a significant addition to your marketing strategies and scale them higher.

Graphic Designing:

If you are ever looking to convey the right message through the right design ethics and a service that could do it at a fraction of the market price. Then, a virtual assistant is undoubtedly made for you. Once the vision of your brand has been established, the virtual assistant will then use that to customize the design to uplift your brand by using the necessary tools from their arsenal to make it as enchanting to your potential viewers as possible.

IT and Website services:

Constructing an impactful domain is key to garner potential clients today. Hence, hiring an economic expert service which a virtual assistant can provide is your best bet at achieving this goal.

Content Writing:

Copywriting takes a particular set of skills that only a few possess. Since a virtual assistant has profound knowledge on using the right vocabulary, editing blogs and articles if and when necessary, they make a great partner in enhancing the way you present yourself or your business through the written word.


If you ever have a hard time choosing to hire the right candidate or have no experience in doing so, then appointing a virtual assistant would be far more effective. Since, they will have the ability to deduce a candidate’s suitability, through their experience in the field of recruiting in its entirety, you will be assured an employable and intelligent workforce.

Customer Support:

If there is one thing that needs immediate attention, professionally, it’s providing reliable customer care. A virtual assistant here ensures 24*7 customer support and will hence be able enough to handle high-pressure tasks such as this.

Real estate virtual assistant:

Real estate virtual assistant is a remote worker who can complete a wide variety of real estate tasks, such as preparing & filing paperwork, responding to email inquiries, setting up meetings, etc.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person contracted to provide clerical and project management support to a company’s marketing department or manager from a remote location.

E-commerce virtual assistant

E-commerce Virtual Assistants provide data security required for the easy running of an E-Commerce Businesses and also act as dedicated project manager for an E-commerce Business, dealing with things like Customer Support Outsourcing, Admin, Writing, Web, Reception, Bookkeeping, etc.

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