How a Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Money

How a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money

Top Time-Wasting Activities
1. Surfing Internet (personal use) 44.7%
2. Socializing with co-workers 23.4%
3. Conducting personal business 6.8%
4. Spacing out 3.9%
5. Running errands off-premises 3.1%
6. Making personal phone calls 2.3%
7. Applying for other jobs 1.3%
8. Planning personal events 1.0%
9. Arriving late/Leaving early 1.0%
10. Other activities 12.5%

Top Time-Wasting Excuses
1. Don’t have enough work to do 33.2%
2. Underpaid for amount of work 23.4%
3. Co-workers distract me 14.7%
4. Not enough after-work time 12.0%
5. Other excuses 16.7%

The average employer assumes that an employee wastes 0.94 hours per 8 hour day. The average
employee admits to wasting an average of 2.09 hours per 8 hour day. That’s a difference of 1.15
hours per day per employee! If your employee’s average salary is $39,795.00/year (the average
yearly American salary) and the worker is actually wasting 1.15 hours per day more than the
employer estimates, you’re talking about a difference of 299 hours per year. That is equivalent to
$5,720.00 per year for one employee to be unproductive at the office.
Now, let’s look at the ways a Virtual Assistant can supply you with the support you need while
saving you money and time, and reducing stress. While a Virtual Assistant may charge more on an
hourly basis ($25.00 to $75.00 hour depending on their skill set and specialty services), you won’t
be paying for a full-time employee at that rate. You only pay for the hours your Virtual Assistant
worked on projects for you and your company.
Put an end to paying for employee goof-off time. Pay only for the amount of time you need. Many
Virtual Assistants also offer packaged rates that include discounts for pre-purchasing set numbers
of hours and weekly, monthly or quarterly plans. Many also offer discounts for new and returning
customers. This will also assist you in preparing your monthly budget.
Because Virtual Assistants own their own hardware and software, and pay their own taxes and
benefits, they are experts at stretching a dollar. They are experts in their respective fields, don’t
require training and aren’t going to bring their personal issues into your office. If your Virtual
Assistant is unable to perform a certain tasks, he/she has plenty of resources in which to find
someone who can.Virtual Assistants work together and help one another to get things done.

Because Virtual Assistants use their own equipment in their own offices, you save wear and tear on
your machines and space. There’s no need for special hardware, software or other
accommodations. No more paying for  employee benefits, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, or taxes.

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Your Virtual Assistant, Your Friend in Business

I understand the need to increase the productivity of your life while freeing up your day. If your going to have a virtual assistant, then make sure it’s a dedicated, multi-task and ambitious administrative professional. I am trustworthy 100% and complete confidentiality is assured. I can help you manage any administrative tasks or do whatever is necessary to help you out with your business.

I want to be more than you VA, I want to be your friend in business to solve daily task with lower price.

Why to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce your Expenses
  • Free up you valuable time
  • Save MONEY
  • Increase your income
  • Employees cost more than their salary
  • Employees don’t really work eight hours a day: Hire some one per hour and get your work done!
  • Reduce or eliminated your office expenses.

Why Hire me?

“What really has to happen for employees to be empowered is they need to be involved, given responsibility, and pushed to grow in their job”

Well in a professional attitude I have found the relationship in between an employee and company is give and take relationship; both are interrelated with each other therefore every company would be running smoothly through this attitude. The relationship between an employer and employer decides the profit and loss statement of the company. My main priority is to build a relationship where your needs are my needs .  like to grow with the company and feel that I am have been part of something important. My dedication, loyalty , trustworthy and professionalist will  highly support you and and your administrative needs.

Let me help you  for all of your outsourcing needs, let me be your friend in business.